Panantukan Silat Combatives – Level 1 – Online Training and Certification

This Online Course covers Level 1 requirements for the Panantukan 10-level Silat Combatives course.

This Package includes:

  • Enrollment in the Monthly Newsletter
  • Access to the Level 1 Online Video
  • the Level 1 Written Curriculum
  • Two Phone consultations with Guro Marc Halleck
  • The opportunity to Rank Test for Level 1.
  • A Panantukan Silat Combatives Certificate of Achievement signed by Guro Marc Halleck will be awarded to students after passing the Rank Test for Level 1.

Upon purchase, you will be contacted via email for Online Access to Level 1, Your Level 1 Curriculum and appointment arrangements for your one-on-one phone consultation with Guro Marc Halleck.

Individual or School Owner

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